Bahasa Indonesia Class Materials

I’ve scanned and uploaded archives of almost all of the Bahasa Indonesia class materials I have from 2008 through April 2010.  Not included is the period during which class materials were printed on 5.5″ x 8.5″ booklets — and materials from the Ibu Corrie era (2006-2008), which I plan to upload later.

The archives come in two files: one spanning 2008 & 2009; the other is 2010, January – April.  All of the files are PDF documents which have been OCRed, so that the text is indexed and searchable.

I’m certain there are errors among my answers and notes in these workbooks.  But I may never know what they are without classmates looking over my shoulder.  If you spot something, kindly let me know.




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2 responses to “Bahasa Indonesia Class Materials

  1. for those of you who want to learn bahasa indonesia trough songs, poem, etc..please see my new website 🙂

  2. Terima kasih mas link downloadny aya mas…. hatur nuhun bangeeet.
    Saya juga mau minta ijin mau pasang link download pdf ny amas di blog saya, Saya tidak mengambil keuntungan juga sama seperti mas John…. semua semata-mata demi perkembangan Bahasa Indonesia. Boleh kan mas?
    Kunjungi blog baru dan sederhana saya 🙂

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